Sunflower Pottery moves to Kalona, IA.  

Sunflower Pottery is now located in Kalona, IA. While Sunflower Pottery does not have a store to sell from, you can email for information of what is in stock. The regional collection is available at the Kalona Creamery. 

Sunflower Pottery Items to be Sold in Pella Shops 

This year Sunflower Pottery will not be at the Park selling their pottery, but will be in the shops of Pella during Tulip Time. You can find your favorite tulip painted mugs, vases, and pots at the Windmill Antique Mall, the Pella Historical Village Gift Shop and at the Scholte House Gift Shop. As always you can email us at with any questions.

Grotesque mugs enhance 'ugly jugs' 

By MICHAEL MORAIN REGISTER STAFF WRITER Adel, Ia. - Bob Andersen makes all kinds of beautiful stoneware in his pottery studio in Pella, but frankly, some of his most popular work is hideous. Contorted. Even repulsive. But intentional. On his handmade "ugly jugs," bulging clay eyeballs peer out beneath extravagantly messy eyebrows. Fleshy lips frame crooked teeth. Giant nostrils flare from jumbo-sized schnozzes. With their grotesque features - all wobbly lines and comic expressions - the jugs…

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